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Hi, i have NBN bundle for my home because tpg suggest almost everytime to change our bundle. As I will move this June, I have asked them to not put me on 18 months contract. Thus, they asked me to pay around $100 for not being in 18 months contract since January.
However, when I tried to cancel my NBN now, they said I am in 18 months contract. I have asked them to check the system several times with different people.
Still, they said I am in contract. I have given them my corresponding emails and my bank transaction with receipt about it. But they still said the same. I have given them the staff name as well, INA and MICHELLE. And then change to ALMA. Anyone has the same problem? How long they will respond and make everything make sense for me?

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We understand that your cancellation request is yet to be finalised and given the current situation, it is best that we investigate on your contract issue. May we have your TPG account details via PM?


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We'll look forward to your message. 


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