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Doubled Billed for a Second Time within 2 months

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I was billed twice ($54.9 x 2) for my home wireless bill. This happened before and the last time this happened the attendent ironically asked me "how could we possibly charge you twice for the one invoice. It's not possible?" In answer to that question I don't know mate. I'm not sure how you guys managed to make it possible but I do know that it is illegal. As I did not authorise the second transaction this can be seen as unauthorised theft of money and Fair Trading is willing to look into this for me if you do not refund the money.


The last time this happened another accounts team member called and told me the money was credited into my account for the next bill and they could not refund. I accepted that case last time because, quite frankly I was sick of being thrown back and forth between team members with zero respect for the team. However this time I cannot. I only agreed to pay $54.99 monthly. Nothing more. I require the additional money for other expenses this month. Additionally since I was not prepared for the double payment my bank has charged me overdraw fees twice this month. As a result, because of the carelessness and unwillingness for TPG to help me in these situations I have now wasted $30. 


At this stage I need my $54.99 refunded and also advice on whether I am eligible to change service providers as I can no longer deal with this level of unreliability and disrespect for customers.


Hi @kamaljayakumar


Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention. I can definitely submit an immediate investigation on your account regarding the duplicate charging. Kindly send me a PM with your TPG account details and a screenshot of your banking statement that shows the 2 charges for $54.99. Apologies for the inconvenience that this has caused you. 

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