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Dear TPG

I’ve recently signed up with TPG due to the need of a nbn provider.
I’ve been with the company for 3 months and already feeling very puzzled about it.
Why don’t you send email invoices? I’ve read your answers to other customers raising the issue over a period of several years now and none of those excuses make any sense.
I’m with Vodafone for my mobile plan who send me one email with an invoice and about a week later another one with a warning that a direct debit will happen soon. I receive email notifications of the same nature from my power, tv, sport activities and other companies. In fact I can’t think of anyone else who would not email their invoices.
My first direct debit didn’t go through and since I’ve clarified the issue with my bank. However initially I was ‘fined’ by tpg for the transaction bouncing back. There are lots of direct debits happening all the time so I wonder if a lot of them happen on one day and in my nominated account isn’t enough money (one reason being that I wasn’t notified my monthly tpg bill was due) will I be fined? I called tpg and was told I could check my account for the due date of my direct debit anytime. Are you joking? There are so many bills and invoices to pay for various things these day how am I possibly supposed to be keeping a track of all of them other that I get notified prior? Logging into accounts and checking due dates is just not a good option. Much better for your customers (if you value them and their opinions) would be if you just set up a simple email notification system that any other company has in place. It’s simple and you’re technology and IT professionals. How hard can it be for you?
The only reason I can think of why you wouldn’t do that is to raise extra revenue from your so called fines.
Also please don’t tell me you’re a paperless company and therefore you don’t send bills and invoices - as one of your workers kept repeating when I only enquired about emails. I’ve never asked for paper. Email isn’t paper.
So the bottom line is can you forward my feedback to the people that can make those kind of decisions please?
And also can you answer why tpg wouldn’t send email invoices? But give me a real and proper answer. Not the ‘paperless’ or ‘you can check your account anytime’ excuses please.
Thank you Smiley Happy
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+100 on this. At the very least allow us to initiate the email OR at the very very least allow us to download the invoice... 


I thought this was 2020?