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Excessive data usage?????

Level 2

I used to have ADSL 2 and never ever reached my data limit in many years with TPG.

Now I have moved and just had NBN installed and it says i used over 50GB in 2days!!!!!!!!

I have a PC with a 40GB hard drive (no major updates needed). No Netflix or streaming service. No torrents downloaded. No new devices.


How is this possible???????

NASA does not use this much!


Level 8

Hi @alexp74 That does seem high usage for 2 days, do you know exactly how many devices are connected and who is using them? I'm assuming you have your WiFi password protected?

If you're using a VR1600v you can log in and enable the traffic monitor function, this will show you if the high data usage is from a LAN connection or someone connected to your WiFi.


Traffic monitor.jpg


Hi @alexp74


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Thanks for raising this with us. Using your community details as reference, I checked your account to try and find out what could have caused the over usage of your data. It seems like you already spoke to our Helpdesk on 20th of February. Based on our records, after explaining what likely affected your high usage from February 14-16 and helping you to change your WIFI password,  you were then referred to our Accounts Team. The account specialist, you've spoken to, offered options on how you can refresh your account for you to be able to use the service.


You can refer to the screenshot given by orbistat above to check where the high data usage came from.


Can you confirm if your NBN connection box is still on? For some reason, I'm unable to detect your connection at this point and your NBN connection box is giving us an offline status.



Level 2
Hello, thanks for your replies. I use a PC and phone Wifi only, and yes, the wifi is password protected. I did speak to the helpdesk, but they could not tell my why this much data was used, only that it had been. They did refer me to the accounts specialist who did tell me of the options to 'refresh' my account, but this just involved spending more money to change to another more expensive plan. Can anyone please tell me what the different interfaces on this screenshot are? Regards, Alex.