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How can I get a new password for my account when I get "E:validate:username" ?

Level 2

I have been trying ALL DAY to get a new password for my account and all I get is a message (E:validate:username) every single time. I tried to do it online but  I can't. I have tried ringing but of course tech support don't answer and I get disconnected from the call. Of course sales answer when I ring and they put me through only to disconnect me immediately or make me wait 45 min then disconnect me. Even the third time I rang, I was told they would ring me back as I was put on top of "the priority list". More than 5 hours later I'm still waiting. Is this how TPG operates ? Can someone from TPG get in touch with me as I want to leave tpg after this dismal lack of service?  For a telecommunications company there seems to be a real lack of telecommunicating. Let me guess...computers and mobile phones are getting covid-19.