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How to park or temporarily suspend your internet plan

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Are you going on holiday or between addresses and want to temporarily suspend your TPG internet sevrice? You're able to do this through TPG's Park Your Plan.


What is Park Your Plan?


Park Your Plan allows you to "park" or suspend your internet service while you don't need it for a specific period.


How does it work? How much does it cost?


While your plan is parked, you'll be charged a different, less expensive rate for your plan. Instead of your normal monthly fee, you'll be charged the applicable Park Your Plan fees.







What are the benefits of parking my plan?


Parking your plan is a great way tor reduce your bills when you're going to be away and not using your internet service. 


Also, if you’re planning to move home but haven’t finalised your new address yet, then parking your plan is the best option for you.


In this case, you can simply park your plan if you’re not going to use your internet at your old address, and once you receive confirmation of your new address, you can then un-park your plan and begin your TPG service moving home process.




 Quick Tip: Learn more about TPG’s Moving Home process. We also have a TPG Community article here.


What happens while my plan is parked?


On the first day of your Park Your Plan period, we'll:

  • Give you a pro rata credit for any unused portion of the billing cycle you've already paid for. 
  • Then we'll charge for the full parked period - for example for 30 days Park Your Plan on ADSL2+ Home Bundle it's $1 per day for or $30 in total.
  • We'll debit your nominated payment method for any difference

During the Park Your Plan period:

  • Your TPG internet will be barred.
  • Your TPG home phone service will be usable as normal, however you can elect to bar certain call types (excluding local and emergency calls) through TPG My Account.

7 days before the end of your Park Your Plan period:

  • Your plan will automatically renew at your standard monthly plan fee as usual.


Will my internet service reactivate automatically after the parked period?


Yes! TPG will automatically remove the suspension and reactivate your internet service. No need to pay any setup or reactivation fees.


How often can I park my plan?


You can park your plan once in a 12 month period.


How long can I park my plan?


Minimum of 30 days, up to a maximum of 60 days. Just let us know the start date for your plan parking. Unfortunately we're unable to extend the suspension period once it's commenced. 


I want to park my plan now. How do I request this?


You can contact Customer Service Department on or 13 14 23 (option 3, then option 1) and we'll help you with this!


 * Acknowledging our team member JongR for the help on this article!

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