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I have been charged twice

Level 2
Yesterday I noticed that my TPG account had 29.99 outstanding however due to my payment details being changed recently, I understood that the payment may not have been processed yet. However after checking my bank account, the money has already been taken out, so it was just a system error.

I then called the customer service line to correct this on my account so that I could access my mobile data for the month. She helped me change my payment details to try to remove the pending payment notification. I was however, charged an additional 29.99 on my new card. So this means that I have paid this amount twice now for the same billing period.

When I brought up this concern to the operator, she was very rude and condescending to me and did not help me at all. She said that I should disregard the previous payment as it was a "non-user issue" and that TPG would "cancel" this charge. She did not listen when I tried to tell her that the money has been taken out of my bank accounts twice.

I would like this issue to be resolved and to be refunded for the extra 29.99 charge.



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We'd like to check the status of your mobile billing. Please PM us with your mobile number and full name so we can look into this.