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International Roaming Charges

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I just have a couple of questions regarding international roaming.


1. How long does it take for international roaming to become active after requesting it? The last time I went overseas, it took one week for me to be able to receive calls.

2. Do you still charge $500 pre-paid balance for international roaming now?

3. If I turn on international roaming while I am in Australia, would I be charged the international roaming rates for calls/data or will I be charged the Australian rates (i.e. my current plan has 12GB and unlimited phone calls domestically, assuming I don't go over the 12GB limit, if I turn on international roaming and make calls/use data in Australia, will it still be free)?




Hi @keywr


The international roaming will activate immediately once enabled through My Account. You must ensure that you will nominate a prepaid balance to make use of the roaming services. If you will enable it before leaving the country, you should not be billed in excess and your mobile plan features here will still be in effect. To learn more, please have a read through this article: 
TPG Mobile International Roaming - FAQ