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Is there ANYONE answering TPG help calls??

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How can I get through to TPG to cancel my mobile service? I called them over a month ago to cancel a family member's whole package (internet/home/mobile) as they had moved into a nursing home. TPG said it was done. The online account details when I logged in said "You are currently not in contract." (I have a printout of the page).The deductions from the credit card stopped. Then this month the credit card has been charged again!  It seems IMPOSSIBLE to get to anyone at TPG to close this. I called Internet/homephone number and they couldn't do it - put me on hold (yet again!) while they called the billing department which timed out - then they said they would put a message in the system to call me back - nearly 6 hours ago. In that time I have called the mobile billing number twice in the last 6 hours and been put on hold until the call cut out. I have spent .... interrupt - they just answered the call while I was typing this (only 16 minutes wait this time!).... UNBELIEVABLE! They can't cancel the mobile account - I should have called another department. They will ask that department to call me back next week (possibly Monday or Tuesday) to discuss what I can do with this mobile account!

I asked for it to be cancelled 6 weeks ago. They said it was cancelled. The charges stopped. The charges started again. They say it is because I asked the wrong department to cancel it (I asked TPG - with whom I have the contract). I asked two TPG departments for it to be cancelled twice today. They said I had to speak to another department - they can't do it. In total on this request I have spent 1 hour and 37 minutes on hold listening to TPG self-promotion adds every 15 seconds. The last person on the phone was just reading a script so quickly over the top of my explanation of what happened that I couldn't understand what was being said and asked for her to repeat it slowly again (twice!). I politely asked that my call be recorded and TPG note that if this was not resolved by Monday with the charges fo the last 6 weeks (for a service that has not been used), I would be lodging a formal compaint with the Ombudsman.

How a company stays in business with sich arrogant service beggars belief! My advice - DONT GO NEAR TPG!


Hi @perriko,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We're disappointed to hear you've had a less than stellar experience cancelling your services. It definitely doesn't sound like the level of customer service we pride ourselves on and expect for our customers.


I've searched for your account using your Community details but cannot confidently verify the details. Would you mind sending us through a Private Message your Customer ID / Username so we can look into this further?


You may check this link for reference: How to send a PM






Hi @perriko, thanks for providing your account details via PM.


We have checked the account and we can see that the concerns you have raised has been addressed by our Mobile Escalations Team.


Should you need further assistance, please let us know. Thank you.