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Moving home from an NBN to non-NBN location

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I am on an 18th month contract with TPG and have 12 months contract remaining on your NBN service. I am moving to an area where TPG is unable to provide NBN service but upon serach on website, TPG can provide ADSL service.  However further searches on the NBN website, there is NBN service at my new place that is delivered through an embedded fibre network provided by a 3rd party. So my question is what are my options/ cancellation/fees negotiation? It is so ridiculously difficult to get hold of anyone or anything to get some answers. Your chats don't work at all!!! I been put on transferred holds to no-one. I never hear back from the person period when they type 'I will transfer you to the relevant department...'?? So can someone please contact me so that I can get this resolve soon. I need urgent answers. I have been a TPG customer for a very long time since the ADSL days, so your urgency to this is very much appreciated. Thank you.   


Welcome to TPG Community,

Could you PM (Private message) me your customer ID, username, service address or mobile number so i can look up your details please.