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Moving your TPG services

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Relocating? We know there’s a lot to organise when moving home and understand this can be a stressful time. but you can relax because we have made moving your internet service super easy!


Transfer your services faster and easier with our Moving Home.


Check out our video guide or follow the steps below


Step 1. Go to My Account at

You will be required to enter your username and password.

Click "Moving Home".




Step 2: Enter your new address and Check Availability




Step 3: You will then be advised of the available service on your new location






Step 4: Once you click here you will need to fill out all the details then click next.

We'll confirm which product is available at your new location and ask you to select a new plan.


Or, if we need more information to determine what services we can offer at your new location, we will ask for your details so our Moving Home Team can contact you to assist ASAP.




Step 5: Registration Complete

After you've lodged your Moving Home request via My Account or through our specialist Moving Home team, you're all set! We'll keep you updated about the progress of your relocation through email and SMS.