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NBN Account Closure

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Hi there, 


I've been trying to close my NBN account for the last two weeks as I've moved house with a friend who already has internet set up. There is no option or information online on how I am meant to do that, especially since they've moved from phone support to online chat, which doesn't seem to be working. Every time I try to chat it says they are servicing other customers and to try again later - it doesn't even put you in queue. I've tried multiple ways, multiple days, multiple times and I just can't get through. 


It's been an extremely frustrating and user unfriendly experience and I don't want to be paying just because I haven't been able to get through to close my account.


I understand that times are hard but it shouldn't be that difficult just to try to get a hold of someone. 




My records indicate that your request has been aprroved, there are some time as early cancellations fees involve, we will update you when it is solved.