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NBN plan change

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I've just requested my plan change NBN Cable Broadband SL Bundle Boost to nbn50 and my contract still remaining 4month so are you going to charge any fee? About contract?and 1more question
If I paid last plan on 30th July and start new plan on 1st Aug
Should I pay for new plan?

Hi @ssaktoong514


Welcome to the Community! 


One of the many benefits of our TPG NBN plans is the freedom for our customers to upgrade or downgrade their NBN plans as their needs or circumstances change.


Changing plan is possible even if you are in the middle of your billing cycle. For our NBN plans, there's no change of plan fee and no changes on your current contract. 


If you will upgrade / downgrade your plan, your monthly billing cycle will restart with the new monthly charge when change of plan takes into effect. 


Any unused portion of your old billing cycle will be credited to you to be used for future payments.


In your case, your new billing cycle with the new monthly charge has now started every 30th of the current month and it will end every 29th of the next month.


Let us know should you need further assistance.