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NBN service cancel and early termination fee - wrong

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Hi there,

My account ID is ****. Please check my account for more information.

I had NBN account with TPG for 6 months contract. However, I stay with TPG for more than a year and now I would like to cancel my account and get my credit back. I got the bill to pay for the early termination fee. What is the heck going on here?

Simple request: I want my credit back and how long does it take? You charge my money very fast but asking for the refund - OMG that is terrible.

That all.

Best regards,



Hi @thanhtung08,


Thanks for reaching out to us.


We've seen your other thread and has replied on it.


Let us continue the discussion on your thread located on this link to avoid redundancy and confusion.



Level 2

Thank you very much for looking to my issue and solved it. 

Have a great day.