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NBN100/40 Downgrade to 100/20

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Dear TPG, it is very disappointing to receive an email yesterday advising you are downgrading existing customers on the 100/40 NBN plan to 100/20 and still charging them the same price but reducing the offering of the service. The only reason I’ve remained on your 100/40 plan is to leverage the best upload speed I can obtain on my FTTN service.

Unfortunately I cannot access FTTP at my location, so cannot access better plans that offer up to 50mbps upload such as the new Ultrafast plans.

To remain on the 100/40 plan you expect customers to pay an extra $10 per month ($120 more per year) to keep the 40Mbps upload speed. Seeing more and more people are leveraging services to sync data to the cloud such as iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, social media this really doesn’t make sense. Better consultation with NBN Co needs to be occurring as I’m sure many customers are disappointed with this change and you are going to see customer churn, as moving to other ISPs allows you to access discounted pricing for at least the first 6 months of a new service.

Customers are basically at the mercy of NBN and the ISP retailers deciding changes like this and it’s not in the best interests of customers. There is a lack of choice when it comes to plans with higher upload speeds.

Why are there no residential plans that specifically provide symmetrical download/upload speeds?

If you offered a 50/50 NBN I would be more than happy to pay $10 extra per month and sacrifice some download speed in favour of better upload speeds but there is no choice or flexibility for residential customers for this.

With more and more people working from home the past 2 years, it’s time ISPs and NBN Co take these factors into consideration.

Will TPG offer existing and loyal customers any compensation by downgrading their plans or do I need to move ISPs?

Thank you