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No internet service since 16/02/20

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This is the 5th time I have tried to obtain some communication response from TPG accounts.

I have been without an internet service since 16/02/20 and am a high risk client (COVID19) who is home bound.Though I have had numerous assurances from TPG that you would address my issue and continuously blame Telstra for the delays, I am still without any internet service. I am still being billed and have paid my monthly subscription to TPG 

 yet no one from accounts has been in contact with me to suspend my account or provide a refund.
I did receive a call from a TPG sales representative Friday 03/04/20 (Alden ID # 59425545) offering a 2 month refund, but that also has not occurred.

The resolution from TPG is to suggest putting me on a higher cost plan and changing me to NBN. Considering TPG response to date I do not have faith that this will resolve the problem.

To resolve my issue, please refund to my account the two months I have already paid and provide a suitable 'Compensation' for the additional time and inconvenience I have suffered.





Hi @Terley888 


Thanks for your enquiry!


Firstly, it appears you are on an ADSL plan.

Before there is any talk of ''compensation'', it is important that any issues you have with the connection are resolved first and the adsl service is working normally as any compensation discussions need a fault START date and END date.


Secondly, its important to keep and billing payments current and and your account remains active for any billing issues to be addressed.


Check to make sure your internet is working, it looks like it is up and authenticated on our systems.