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Novus does not work

Level 2
I can't access Novus. I can't login.

When I do login I'm sent to old mobile page that has not got the buttons for Novus account management.

I still get emails that I'm out of data, that more prepaid amount is being withdrawn, but then no withdrawal AND NOW I CANT EVEN MAKE CALLS!

Not a good system when they make do difficult to use it!

What am I supposed to do?

Hi russvine.

Have you tried logging using your new details or mobile number? The new details is sent via email.


Here's an article for reference how to use NOVUS:

TPG Mobile - Introduction to the new My Account .


In the event that you have done this, shoot us a PM with your best contact number and preferred time so we can arrange one our Mobile Specialists to contact you and check the status of the mobile service.

How to send a PM -