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Offering service saying its free for a week for trail and charging me Goa a month

Level 2
I am very disappointed that your customer service representative are failing to maintain the proper channel of communication.
I was offered to try for home wireless broadband from one of your representative on last month suggesting its cheaper than my existing NBN home plan and if I don’t like it I can inform them within a week of trail with no charge.
I took a advice and I started the trial of the home wireless from 7th of November, it wasn’t working well on my property so, I informed them before completing a week on 13th of November that I don’t want home wireless service which was within the timeframe.
The customer representative reassured me that I don’t need to worry about charges as I informed them within timeframe of trial period.
But the big surprise is I got bills for both my existing NBN home plan and home wireless plan.
Within a week there is two direct debit from my account for TPG billing.
I am very disappointed that TPG charged me for the service which I haven’t been using.
I requested refund for home wireless $39.99 which they direct debited from my account 5 days ago but instead of refunding, they send me a email that I can use the service until the end of billing cycle. What a trap???
I want to give 0 star for the misleading information TPG representative provided me on last week and want to go to more higher lever to resolve this issue.

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I'd like to send me a message with your TPG customer ID for both NBN and Home Wireless Broadband so I can conduct a quick assessment on this matter. Then, we can discuss from there. 

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