Online Chat

Level 2

Hi Everyone

I tried for several days to use the online chat system as advised by the recorded phone message to sort out a billing/account problem as payment was declined after updating my credit card details as requested by a TPG email. After waiting online for several hours each day in a queue a customer service rep eventually asked me for my details and problem. This is where the fun starts. I entered in all the details as requested I pushed enter key on my computer and then chatbox went blank/deleted. I then retyped the information and selected with the curser the send box in the corner of the chatbox and the same thing happened again and again. The customer service rep asked if I was still there and after a minute or two. Unable to respond I was logged off by TPG. Thus I had to re-log on and start again. Did anyone else have this problem or know of a fix. I am in Sydney Australia. Thank you