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Refund and cancellation

Level 2
I would like to get a refund of all the money we have paid since beginning of March and obviously cancel our account. We have paid about $450-$500 during this short time and yet TPG have failed to provide internet. I was also miss informed with my home phone.
eg: when we first called in March and asked for internet and phone the representative failed to inform me she put me on a pre-paid land line/pay as you go home phone... It wasn't until I saw my bank statement and saw numerous debits by TPG and when able to get some internet I logged into my TPG account and checked my emails and that is how I discovered I was on a pre-paid home phone. I have called TPG so many times and received no help I can not get any help via online chat either.
The only department that answers calls is sales!
Please all I want is a refund and cancellation of my account. This is my right as a consumer and a customer who is not being provided with the services they are paying your company for.
Thank you.