Level 2
I have some issue related to refund. At first when i ordered nbn i paid through direct deposit but as it was taking a lot of time so then i paid through debit card again. I want $190 refund that i paid first through direct deposit. I tried to call so many times. Everyone just keeps transferring the call to other team. And had to wait 1hour on hold each time to get to someone. Hope someone can tell me what i need to do in this situation.
Also i got email and message from tpg that my nbn appointment was rescheduled on 8-04-20 but nobody showed up. Called tpg amd waited 1hour plus but nobody picks up. So had to call nbn and they said there was no appointment booked for my address on 8th of april. Have been waiting for the internet connection for so long and disappointed with the service of tpg. Hope someone will get back to me and suggest me what i need to do.