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Required to open new account to move home.

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I am moving house soon, and have contacted TPG to arrange relocation. I received a somewhat vague email in reply that said I would have to open a new account to access NBN at my new location and that my old account would be cancelled. They have cited that as I will be moving to a premisis with FTTB I will need a new account, despite my current address being listed as FTTB, as well as my previous address. 


My question is: Will I face any cancellation fees for the cancelled account? What will happen to the remaining 7 months on my current contract? 


I have contacted support via email three times and have received no reply. 





Hi jatkins,


You dont need to cancel your account if you are moving houses.

If the new premises is TPG FTTB the installation will be much faster than NBN new set up.

You can relocate your service by online

Also you can contact our customer service


If you wish to cancel your current contract please refer to terms and conditions

Level 2

Hi Luisc,


Thanks for getting back to me! I'm just a bit confused as I've been told that I have to cancel my current account. Should I just submit a new ticket for this transfer? Or is there someone I can speak to to clear this up.