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TPG NBN 100 Game Server Routing to SEA

Level 3

is there a way to lower my ping through better routing when playing on asia dota 2 servers, not in just dota but i sometimes log into PUBG, like for 1 week ( ended last night ) i was having better ping like 80~90ms but now after i get home from work its back the way before like 220ms+. its been like this every year sometime i get a good routing and i get 80~90 ping even on through ethernet or wifi.

traceroute 1 and 2 attached below.


there must be a way to improve the experience as its totally unplayable like this when i got the taste of 80~90ms by random then its suddenly gone




Hi @kimkelvin


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I was unable to pull up any TPG account using your community details, so I'm unable to run any tests just yet. However, based on the traceroute results you provided, it appears that the latency is outside of TPG's network already.


We suggest checking this with the Game server support.