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TPG Not Refunding Prepaid Balance

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I have been a TPG mobile customer for over a decade.


I have just ported out my two TPG phone numbers using another provider's service. I had over $250 in prepaid balance remaining as I had roaming enabled. 


Now after porting out my number I can't log in, nor can I get the mobile support desk to help refund my prepaid balance. This feels criminal, and customers must be given a refund for prepaid balances that TPG themselves imposed just for turning on international roaming, should the service be cancelled. 


I still can't get my money back, and I am very disappointed with TPG's lack of process around this. 


I have read many other posts on this TPG Community forum stating that customers have, indeed, received refunds of their prepaid balances but only after complaining here. I will happily take this matter to the Office of Fair Trade or the TIO so that TPG can be held accountable for this type of customer treatment.


Hi @mpiek


Welcome to TPG Community! 


We can definitely work this out for you. Send us a PM with your mobile customer ID numbers and we'll take care of it for you. 

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