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Termination of Service - Refund Request & Complaint

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Just to give you some background on this matter: 

  1. I purchased an NBN bundle on 21 March 2019 for $199.94.
  2. TPG assigned NBN customer ID #xxxxxxx.
  3. I was later advised (i.e. after several transfers and conversations) NBN connection was not able to be connected due to issues with NBN CO. A TPG customer service representative advised ADSL2 was available and suggested that I should apply for a connection.
  4. I was transferred to the ADSL2 team who promised a connection will be available at my address. I requested a refund for my NBN service, at this point the staff member advised this would be honored via a request from customer service. I was advised in order not to hold up the process that i purchase the ADSL plan prior to receiving a refund for the NBN plan. 
  5. I took the staff member's reassurance that it would be a quick process so I purchased the ADSL 2 plan on 5 April 2019 for $179.94.
  6. TPG assigned ADSL2 customer ID # xxxxxxx.
  7. My total payment to TPG being $379.88.
  8. During this process I was transferred to multiple departments and finally disconnected 2 times (whilst attempting to request a refund). I advised the operator prior to transferring if I get disconnected please phone back, however no call back was received. This is extremely frustrating having to spend a considerable amount of time on the phone only to get passed on to other departments and receive conflicting incorrect information.
  9. Today 16 April 2019, I contacted TPG to request an update with respect to my ADSL connection. Only to be advised that ADSL cannot be provided! I was advised by the TPG staff member that NBN can now be provided and that I should now cancel my ADSL service!

I hope TPG can understand the inconvenience and poor customer service I was provided with.  REQUEST TO TPG 

  1. Cancel all aforementioned services. 
  2. Provide a full refund for the amount of $379.88 for services that were not delivered and/or provided.
  3. Investigate this issue internally and ensure appropriate QC's are implemented to prevent other customers going through this ordeal.

I will expect a response and course of action within 2 business days. Regards,Mat


Hi @Mat115,


Welcome to the community!


We are able to locate your account using your given details. From what we gathered, you placed the order online without the Unit number.  The records of NBNCo showed that the address already has NBN service which is why we encountered an error

Our Provisioning Team contacted you on March 27 to discuss this and you advised us that the address is subdivided into 2. We then raised your full address (which includes the unit number) to NBNCo to get a location ID that we can use to process an order. However, NBNCo advised that we can't proceed yet because of lack of infrastructure to complete the installation to your specific address. As of this time, your address is not yet serviceable for the NBN.

Our team tried to check if we can install ADSL service in your area, unfortunately the installation cannot proceed due to limitation of infrastructure and the application was rejected.

We've noticed that you raised this same issue with our Email Support Team and this has been raised to one of our Complaints Resolution Case Manager for further handling and investigation.

We will pass this on to them and request for immediate feedback,updates will be provided via email or phone call.


We apologise for any inconvenience. Let us know should you require further assistance. Cheers!

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Had exact same Experience. Was told there is no NBN offered at my address but there is ADSL2 Instead. The website clearly said ADSL2 is available at my address as did the sale person. Ordered service on March 27th 2020 and was charged for a modem and connection fee. Was sent the modem on the 30 March. Waited for the connection to be installed for two weeks. Called numerous times for updates that were not forthcoming. Then I got an email on 21st April saying that there is no copper line to the Address (there is, I can see the Telstra box on the wall and it is connected). There is something fishy is going on at TPG. I think it's something that should be brought to the attention of the Telecoms Industry Ombudsman and ACCC. Fees for no service? False advertisement? Why charge for something that cannot be provided. Should that not be the first thing that is checked before a charge is applied? Do people have the right to sue for damages when a business fails to comply with their end of a contract leading to a loss of income from a lack of the service they were contracted to deliver? I’m certainly not happy with my experience.

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I am having the same problem as the 2 persons mentioned before.
I asked the customers service person who sold the me package on 29/04/2020 to make sure to put an “a “in my adress number, as I live in an unit and the system was not taking it. She said it was ok, that she had written the right address.
I called TPG back to ask for something and a different person told me that the address was incorrect that it was lacking the “a”so I should cancel my account and they would do the creation of my account again with the right information. However, when we installed the modem, the internet never worked and so we try to call them even though “it is almost an impossible mission because they are alway experiencing high volume of incoming calls”, then after explaining the situation again and again the person realised that the NBN serial number that we have in the house is different to the one that TPG has in the system.
After all of that, they did the connection to the wrong address and it’s been nearly 3 weeks without an answer and trying to communicate with them but once I explain the problem they transfer me to a different department that never replies, and seems no one knows what I am speaking about or pretend not to know. I am really unsatisfied with their service and worried that TPG will steal the money we paid for the connection “199 Aud”, that never worked.
I don’t understand how TPG pretend to sell more packages if it is not being able of giving a good support to the current customers.