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Unable to update payment details

Level 2

Last month my credit card expired and TPG was not able to take payment. I updated my credit card and also provided banking details for direct debit. However this only updates the payment details for primary mobile number. 

I have two other mobile numbers for my parents and the new payment details aren't applied to these numbers.


I have tried to log onto the new system with the mobile numbers and same password but it won't let me log in. I have no way to update payment details for the additional mobile numbers. 


I received mobile cancellation email from TPG.


I have tried to call TPG support three times to explain and request for help. The rep understands the situation and promises to help sort the problem but nothing has been fixed.


It has been incredibly frustrating.


Hi @lucas55555 


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Here's a community article that can be of help to you How to update payment details online . If you encounter an issue, just private message to us your TPG mobile number with your preferred callback number and time then we'll have a mobile specialist to call you for assistance.


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