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Updating credit card details needs more information than required

Level 2

My credit card expired and I needed to update card details. I had two issues with this online process. (Note: using browser on windows PC).

Problem 1. Filled in the information and pressed Update. Kept complaining that I need to provide at least one contact number even thought I had the contact number for mobile. Ended up having to add my mobile number to the "home number" field  before it would accept. This needs to be rectified as most people dont have a home number, only a mobile.

Problem 2. No notification of success. Once I sorted out the above problem and pressed update. The screen just came back to the same place where it has the option to update payment details. There was NO notification that my update was successful. The only way I knew it was successful was the due payment disappeared and my balance was nothing owing. This also needs to be rectified to give a message that the update of payment details were successful.