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Windows 10 email

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Hi, I am having issues with my email.

It appears that after a Windows 10 update, my email can no longer login to the TPG server and tells me that either my username or password is incorrect.

I know that my username and password are correct as I can sucessfully login to the TPG Post Office. I have checked the email server settings and they are correct and I have also tried setting up and using Mozilla Thunderbird (instead of the Windows 10 Mail program) but I get the same result, see attached screenshot.

My email is still working fine on my iPad and I am convinced that this is a Windows 10 issue.

I would appreciate any advice, Cheers.


Hi @Bucky ,


Welcome to the community!


If the email is working on other device(s) we recommend to contact Windows mail support to check if there is an mail settings that needs to be change.


Let us know should you require further assistance.