Level 2

The King stood on the open air balcony of his primary bedchamber, sipping on a goblet of wine he had requested. It was a circular room with the balcony on the western side, a large plush bed on the north and the main entry doors on the eastern wall. On the south sat a fireplace, kept roaring by his stewards at all hours. In front of the fireplace were several sofas and arm chairs strewn about over a large, thick fur rug.

The sun had set over the western mountains, but its light still flared out from behind the peaks. He loved dusk. He loved to consider how it brought you into the night and all the excitement night could bring.

A knock at the door brought him back from his thoughts.

"Come!" the King called toward his door. Two stewards opened the double oak doors into his chamber, but then only the senior steward stepped forward from the door to speak to the sovereign.

"Your Grace," the steward said, "The slave of the Royal Harem you requested."

"Enter," the King commanded. He came back into the interior of the room but left the balcony doors open to keep the night air flowing in.

51 entered his chamber. Her elfin features, 5'4" petite frame, and blonde hair highlighting the innocent nature of her teen presence. She had been dressed in a sleeveless, white silk gown. It formed a bow behind her neck and covered her entire front but none of her back, even leaving the tops of her firm little ass cheeks visible for the King. Although the hem of the gown reached to her ankles, a wide slit travelled up the gown along her left leg, ending at her left hip and making plain that she was not permitted any underwear.

Her hair had been wrapped up in a series of knots, each tied with a white silk bow. The king admired her from her golden locks down to the slit in her gown that exposed her entire left leg in all its gorgeous, toned length. Her diminutive feet were wrapped in the standard slave's boot. A brown suede with a one inch heel. In her hands she cupped the small clay pot he had requested.

"Come forward, 51," the King said. "Leave us..." he said to the stewards. They closed the door behind them, and 51 was left to meet her fate.

The petite creature he now owned stepped forward silently, standing next to one of the sofas in front of the fire. The King touched 51's face, her gaze still on the King's feet.






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