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cancellation, or temporarily deactivate

Level 2

Hi I would like to cancel my nbn service plan. Since I will not be using it for quite a while. Is it possible to cancle or temporarily deactivate for a couple of months? How should I do it? Could you please help me check whether i need to pay for any cancellation fee? I would like to process this as soon as possible.


Thank you.

Level 2

Good luck. TPG are not answering phone calls or replying to their chats. My tenant moved out on 14 March and since then I am paying for internet that is not being used. TPG are in very precarious waters here as they are charging for something I no longer need or want. I have reported them to the ombudsman as I suggest you do. I have tried to change my payment details and do it all online to no avail. If you have any success please post here, I know there are lots of other people who are in financial difficulty who would love to hear a success story.