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I had things I liked!

It was a novelty and oh, how fun! I had always had preferences for things like dramatic music, knew all kinds of ranges for sex club house music. That had been the extent of my personality for... well, since I’d damned myself with a few sins one fateful night. But it turned out that wasn’t necessarily all of it. She showed me different things and there were preferences there and I wasn’t even bored. I liked stories, had always enjoyed those, and it turned out that things like shows and movies weren’t always boring. I just needed a friend to see them with me, so I could talk.

And of course, it made me want her all the more. Every passing date, every evening in a book store where she would ask me questions with those thoughtful eyes, every curious new thing she wanted to show me, became something near pain. Even after she healed, she didn’t come to me for that final punishment to get her card, and I didn’t bring it up. It felt like something to be left for us, like an event neither of us wanted to start so it wouldn’t have to be over. The effect was that she didn’t end up with a card for a long time.

But that’s not to say that she didn’t end up at Sulfur’s.

I got the call one night about a week later. She had healed wonderfully and she would have minimal scarring. So it was more than a fair time frame. In fact, I should have already given her that last punishment... “Hello, Clarice.”

She laughed in my ear, but it was an anxious laugh. Her curiosities seemed to have been satisfied with me for the time being, but her emotions were still... I thought they were wonderful, but I’m sure to her they must have been torturous and exhausting. Her anxiety would shoot sky high at the slightest provocation. Her fear response was immediate when she heard a noise out of the ordinary in her apartment. Her tears came easily, but were soothed just as easily. Her anger was a fun thing, although I’d never tell her that. It burned to life and then died within 30 minutes at most

What was more fascinating was the fact that she totally forgot what any of those emotions felt like once she was no longer feeling them. She couldn’t remember the feeling of anger when she didn’t have it. It intrigued me, because I thought that was why empathy was so difficult for her sometimes.

But all those things also meant she wore her heart on her sleeve. Her little return laugh on the phone had a world of rainbow suggestion in it. Nervousness, excitement, anticipation, some fear. “H-hello, Master.”

I leaned back at my desk chair. Expanding the clubs was fun, but there was a world of numbers and random ** that came with renovating to open. I had learned the most sporadic bits of useless information from subcontractors alone. But with my little playmate, I worked more efficiently than ever these days. I was an android of a person, a machine, and I was staring at a spreadsheet of successful accounting when she called, enjoying the fact that she affected me in these ways, stroking a hand over my still caged **.

“How can I help you?”

She hesitated and I waited it out patiently. I had learned that sometimes she just needed a minute. “Are you only interested in me as a slave?”

I sat forward. “Only? You don’t know what comes with the interest of someone as a slave, Pet, if you have to ask that. If I’m interested in you as a slave, it means I’m interested in everything about you, more than anyone ever could be.”

“I don’t... know what that means.”

Huh. That question actually took some of my patience from me. “Ask for what you want, Pet.”

“Okay. Um. Okay. Okay, would you play with me or... not play, really. Mess around or something, I don’t know. At Sulfur’s, maybe? But, like, not in a sexual way, I mean.”

She was also not very eloquent when emotions started taking their hold. I loved it. “Well, that clears things up. Why don’t you come to Sulfur’s, and we’ll see what we can do to satisfy a kinda, sorta, not-really-playing in a not sexual way.”

Her laugh was shy and breathless in my ear. “I’m sorry. Thank you.”

“It’s my pleasure, Pet.” And it was, actually. I considered her words, thinking of what I knew about submissives, the deep world submissives. There were those who were like the Pet I had first met, ones who chased their kinky desires for fun. But then there were ones who lived in submission. It was their state of being, their kind of therapy. And those kinds would get antsy if they went too long without a feeling of subspace. And it had to be subspace, specifically. Not sex, but the mentality of pleasing someone. It was like they would be all over the place and that magical mindset was an anchor to recenter them. And it was easy to see why. A submissive personality craved to feel approval, craved to see someone else pleased with them, so it made perfect sense

I thought I might know what Pet needed. She showed up at my back door in perfect time for me to do it too. The dungeon monitors could handle opening Sulfur’s, but once it started to get busy, I preferred to be more hands on and personal. That gave me plenty of time to get Pet set up.

I hugged her when I saw her and she gave me a shy, nervous smile. “Good afternoon.”

“Good afternoon,” she answered back softly. “I’m really sorry. I don’t know what I want. I’m really confused.”

I touched her nose. “Well, fortunately for you, I’ve built my life on fetishes and needs of all kinds. I feel good enough to take an educated guess. Come on, Pet.” She followed after me and this time I took her to my bedroom.

She blinked. “Is this your dungeon?”

I laughed and pat the middle of the huge bondage bed. “No, this is my bed. Kneel in the center please.”

She obeyed but her attention was all over the place. She looked up at the suspension hook over the bed, looked at the sex swing, her eyes wide. “This is where you sleep?” It came out squeaky and I had to laugh.

“Yes, kotik. I’m sure if you thought about it enough you would realize that it’s not that shocking. Now, just sit still. Don’t speak anymore for a bit until I speak to you. Understood?”

“Yes, Master.” She stared at me then and I smiled, getting up to grab the lengths of soft rope I had, uncoiling them and delighting in the feel across my hands. She watched quietly, obediently, while I went to work, ritualistically tying her into a rope harness.

I had discovered from her punishment with the crop that the methodical layering of rope soothed my Pet. It took that terrible chaos she suffered and made sense of it, soothed out all the tangles of it, until it was something more manageable. And rope didn’t work for some submissives. It was time consuming to harness someone. The artist types were the ones more drawn to shibari. I couldn’t claim to get into the art form of it, but I knew my way around the gist well enough.

The rope started to create a type of collar, then made a knotted frame around her **. I made diamond patterns around her torso, calmly taking my time. The quiet was an introspective kind, one that drew me into that lovely connection with her. I had her lift up so I could make a teasing little harness between her legs, framing her ** over her clothes. I tied her wrists loosely together behind her.

When I was done, she was a sensual little creature, bound up and harnessed, and so nicely submissive. In the end, I didn’t speak to her at all, because that connection sang between us and said all that needed to be communicated. With every rope, she soothed. With every knot tied, she curled closer to my touch and I had to smile. “Now, how’s that for kinda, sorta, not really playing, kotik?”

She arched her face closer to me and I obliged her with a kiss, stroking her comfortably harnessed breasts gently, lovingly. “This is good, Master

I smiled when her lips pressed up again, holding her. “It’s alright, Pet. I know what you need sometimes. I know that this mind just wants to serve, to feel the pleasure of submitting every now and again. I can take care of you, and those needs, anytime you need me to.”


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