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how to stop TPG routing emails internally

Level 4

I've moved my hosted server and associated email to a new location and can't stop emails sent from within TPG still going to the old location (on TPG).  Emails sent from anywhere else in the world get routed correctly.


I can't login to the account to close it down because it apparently needs a phone number to login and I'm advised to ring 13 14 23 to set one up and I've been waiting over an hour to get an answer on that number so far.




Hi @Ascidian99


We'd like to have a better understanding on this matter. Send us a PM with your TPG customer ID or username and we can take it from there. 

How do I private message (PM) in the community



Level 4

Yesterday my email service was cutover to TMC and there is no difference to this problem which is now three months old.  Any mail sent to the new location for the previously hosted web & email address from tpg email doesn't leave the building.

The new address works from any other email service, as the postmaster confirmed two months ago using two non-tpg email services.

This will be a problem for TPG accounts when they need to send me invoices for my NBN and Bizphone services unless they to have a non-tpg email account to send from.