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query regarding date for actual billing

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Good Evening,

I had a query in regards to when my bill for my 5g internet actually occurs as i'm a little confused after reading over everything.

my invoices state the 15th, my bank is showing debits for the 17th each month and my  billing cycle on invoices showing it ends on the 22nd.

what day is it i actually have to ensure the money is available to be taken? 
I ask as my next pay clears on the 16th so i'm trying to work out if i need to ensure there's money available on the 15th or if it will just be taken on the 17th as per bank statements in which case my pay on the 16th should cover it.

Thank you for any assistance as this all has me confused trying to budget at the moment.


Hi @protocolopti,


Please send in your Customer ID or username via private message so we can check your invoices.