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what is the problem for my application?

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I had applied for TPG adsl on the 17-jan, and i received an email on 21 saying that telstra could not allocate my address (i am staying in apartment, the street number might be confusing since there are several street number for an apartment), so i sent you guys another street number. and i did not receive any email from you guys after that. I rang tpg yesterday and the lady told me that there is no connection to my apartment which i feel annoyed, i had been waiting for close to a month and you guys only tell me the answer when i rang you? i thought it should be your job to tell me the answer, i am waiting for the internet for me to work. And i believe there are iinet and telstra line in my apartment why you guys are telling me that you guys cannot provide services to me after a month? and now i need to return the modem and wait for you to cancel my order to get my refund? i just feel everything are ridiculous. you guys know how to charge money but doesn't solve any problem til i ring and ask what's going on.

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my user id is xxxxxxx  if it helps you to allocate my application


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i would like a full refund.


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Using the customer ID you provided, I was able to pull up your account to check your records. I do see that you've spoken to a Provisioning Case Manager on Feb 15th and that you were advised that the order was rejected because ADSL service can no longer be offered for your location has been deemed for fiber connection already. However, upon further checking, NBN is not yet showing as serviceable as well. I can only  imagine how frustrating your experience has been.


Our Escalations team has already received the email you sent regarding the cancellation as was advised by the Provisioning Case Manager. I have notified them to contact you before 1:30PM VIC today regarding the status.