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200ms latency during evenings from around 5pm till 12:30am

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You can tell from the traceoute is that the connection to the router is fine, then it jumps once leaving the property to the TPG server.

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I didn't say much, because while I had a hunch, I never really go all out making predictions. I have an IT background of 25 years, but I haven't been interested in networking for ages...


But I can definitely read a traceroute.


It was definitely TPG. I churned to Aussie Broadband in that time. I only got connected to ABB today, but every night at around this time I was getting 200+ ms with TPG. Everything in the house is exactly the same, all wifi, same router/modem, everything. Traceroute at the same times as I was doing with TPG.


Wireless interference lol.


traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 _gateway ( 1.319 ms 1.310 ms 1.764 ms
2 ( 9.472 ms 15.830 ms 15.813 ms
3 ( 15.695 ms 14.683 ms 15.699 ms
4 ( 15.733 ms 16.264 ms *
5 ( 15.612 ms * *
6 ( 16.194 ms 14.848 ms 14.781 ms
7 * * *
8 ( 16.689 ms ( 16.807 ms ( 16.649 ms




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@going2churn having exactly the same problem. I'm already on NBN50 FTTP and it's trash in the evening and there's only 2 of us using the internet. Latency is >200ms and speed slows down to about 10mbps. I guess its time for a switch.