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ADSL Internet down for over 2 weeks in Oakleigh East

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Ticket Number: 10326542

To be honest very frustrated with TPG at the moment with how the issue has been handled. Been trying to get a hold of online chat support for over an hour and left speaking to myself and the operator Rhyan not responding.


Internet has been down since the 5th of March, contacted TPG right away and was told by the tech that there was a fault with the line and they will contact Telstra to send a tech to fix the issue with the latest end date of 18th March but mentioned that it could be completed before that date. We waited patiently and on 16th of March called to check if there has been any update since still no internet and TPG has not contacted us at all. The operator checked and said the internet will be restored at the latest 17th March at 7PM which was yesterday. Now it is already 18th of March which is the final deadline provided and the internet is still broken. What is going on? Really am very disappointed with how TPG is handling the issue.