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ADSL not working since 21st Mar midnight

Level 2

Hi TPG Team,


My ADSL internet connection has stopped working since 21st Mar midnight (when the pay cycle resets).


I’ve been trying to connect with TPG in many ways but no avail. I was waiting on call for 2-3 hours multiple times. I then got a call from TPG sales team, based on my request, to migrate to NBN but as it may take a week, for now I need to get my internet fixed ASAP as I hugely rely on internet for working from home option.


Just to be clear, the ADSL light on the modem is green but the Internet light is red. The internet was working until 20th Mar, the last day of the previous monthly cycle.


My account account name is manikandanmage2. Any help you can offer to resolve this issue is greatly appreciated.