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ADSL signal DROP Out again

Level 2

Second drop out in  a few weeks with slow reponse after over 10 years with TPG, time to move on?  November 2018 (Ticket #8921780), now December 2018 (Ticket #9051043). Same old problem 'No ADSL' Signal. Last time Telstra said someone accidently disconnect the line.  What is the reason now? 4 Days after the ticket raised, still no response from TPG.

I have tested my ADSL modem with no issues, I have restarted the modem and following the instruction to test the line.  Up until now, I still don't have my ADSL connected.   


Hi @jimmykt,


Welcome to the community!


I apologise for the inconvenience. I was able to locate your account using your community detail and see  that a line fault was causing your service not to work.

Our Engineering Team is working around the clock. They scheduled one of our Field Technician to check your connection tomorrow 27/12/2018 10-2 PM.


We'll keep an eye on this further updates will be provided by the assigned Engineers. Let me know should you require further assistance.