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ADSL2+ Dropping out constantly, painfully slow when working

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For the past week or 2, my internet has been dropping out constantly. At first it only happened during the afternoon once or twice and rebooting the router would fix it. But it gradually got worse and now the internet doesn't work at all.

As the title says, when it does work it's much slower than it used to be (can't watch videos in 720p, downloading is hopeless).

I've reset the modem and checked all the cables but I'm still having these issues. What else can I do?

Hi @SpoodsT,


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I've searched your account using your Community details and was able to find a match.


I did some test on your connection and it shows that too much upload which causing your slow speed issue.

Most of the time, cloud applications are causing high upload such as iCloud, Google Drive, One Drive, etc. It can also be caused by automatic system upgrade.


If you have multiple devices, you can try to leave one device connected to the internet one at a time until you figure out which device is causing the high upload traffic.


Nevertheless, if the issue persists even after isolating your devices, please let us know and we'll look into this for you further.





Hi @SpoodsT


We'd like to check the status of the case that you've raised yesterday. 


Is there any difference after doing an isolation of your devices? 


Should you need further assistance, please let us know. 



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I can't properly perform an isolation test due to the fact I don't have an ethernet cable or any devices that can use them. However; I have recently discovered my modem-router (D-Link DSL-2880AL) is infamous for low speeds and poor connectivity. Could that be the problem?


Hi @SpoodsT


It may be one of the possible reason for this issue. 


However, I would highly recommend instead to speak with our of our Technicians to do further tests with you. 


Let us know your best contact time and number via PM and we'll arrange a call for you. 


For your reference, please see this How do I private message (PM) in the community.




Thanks for providing your contact details, @SpoodsT.


We have already arranged a specialist to contact you between 4PM and 5PM NSW Time.


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Hi @SpoodsT,


You may wanna check this link for tips How to optimise your WIFI experience at home - ,Information on the link applies  to every type of connection.


Hope this will help you as it did to me.

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During the call your technician suggested that I get a different modem to make sure that wasn't the problem. I have since gotten a different modem and, while it worked for a few hours, the internet has since completely cut out.

Hi @SpoodsT,

I've seen on the notes of our Technician that a Loan Modem has been requested it is currently pending.

I will advise them to call you again on Monday, once the Loan Modem has been approved.



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Actually I would like you to cancel the loan modem. The outage yesterday seems to be an isolated incident and the internet has been working fine since. Thank you for your help.