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ADSL2+ Slow Upload speeds

Level 2

Account name is xxxxxxx

My ADSL2+ has become very slow with the upload speed. I have isolated all devices disabled WIFI, and connect only one desktop directly to LAN and did a few speed tests here:

  • Down:5~6mb
  • Up: 0.14~0.19mb

Can anyone from support help me to take a look at my issue please?

ADSL Status

Downstream Noise Margin: 7.9dbUpstream Noise Margin: 24.0dbDownstream Line Attenuation: 39.0Upstream Line Attenuation: 19.7Downstream Transmit Power: 0.0Upstream Transmit Power: 12.9



Hi @gencaili


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We have edited your post to remove the username you provided for security purposes.


I checked your account and based on our records, you have contacted our Helpdesk yesterday for the same concern. Your concern was escalated to our Engineering Team.


Looking at the ticket, we have engaged Telstra since we've detected a line fault that needs to be addressed by a Telstra technician. An SMS was sent to you last night advising you of the progress. We are still waiting for Telstra to provide us a commitment date as to when they can check your line. As noted in the SMS, you will be notified by our Engineering Team once we have a restoration time.