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ADSL2+ installation quick and working fine

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I've noticed people here having various problems or delays. Just thought I'd mention mine went so well.


Called up on a Monday to open account and request connection. By the following Monday (despite Melbourne Cup in the middle) it was up and running. That was four business days. Nobody came to the house - it was just magically connected. Been using constantly almost a week now and no drop outs or issues.


The speed is constant but isn't great (barely 5mbs down and 1mbs up) however it's because I'm 3.5km from the nearest Telstra exchange. It's in line with TPG estimates and outside their control so can't complain. Those closer to an exchange will get much greater speeds.


So those reporting issues on this forum must have something unqiue with their environment (cabling, modem, etc). I guess there are many variables.


I'm just using a $150 D-Link DSL-3785. NBN cables and junction box just installed outside my front door so I'm hoping to see much better speed when that's ready in Jan.