ADSL2+ speed drop

Level 2

I've had adsl 2+ internet with TPG for a few months now, and the speed has always been ok. not too fast, but usable. however, as of the last few weeks, the internet speed has dropped down considerably to be unusable. It took 30 seconds to load up this page. 
Im located in kew east 3102. 

At the moment I'm considering swapping to ISP's if this cant be resolved Smiley Sad


Hi @adieferguson,


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We're sorry to hear that you are having issues with the service. I've run test on your account and seeing a low sync speed on your line. 


We need to conduct further troubleshooting on your connection, please PM us your best contact number and time for assistance call back. 


We look forward to working this with you, Thank you.