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AWS accelerating ipv6 adoption

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In 2024, AWS will charge an additional hourly rate per ipv4 address being used ( ) . The same charge does not apply to ipv6 addresses and they note you should consider accelerating your adoption of ipv6.

The fact TPG NBN does not provide any ipv6 capability is bit of a major roadblock here. Companies may be more inclined to deprecate ipv4 in favour of ipv6 when these charges start and if that is the case, we are screwed. Also add the fact that having no native ipv6 makes it a hassle to test our own services.


Every update on this matter so far has been, 'no plans, will update website'. Instead of this, can we get actual solid ETA on when ipv6 will be enabled and if not, a reason for why?

Level 2

I'm in a similar situation. I now have to pay fees to AWS to keep a public IP4 address so that I can SSH to my instance. The only thing stopping me from moving to IP6 is lack of availability on TPG