Absolutely fed up

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We have had issues with our NBN connection for about a month now. At first I was sympathetic because of COVID-19, but after hours on hold and on the phone, two NBN technician visits, numerous tests, texts, etc., we are still experiencing dreadful service.


This service is at it's worst between the hours of 9am and 6pm. 


Our phone calls drop out, we randomly can't load anything, upload speeds of 0 Mbps, and lag spikes when playing online games. NBN has said the line is fine (TWICE), and we've done all the tests you've asked us to when on the phone. We even swapped our router and still we are having issues.


We are fed up with this. This is the worst service we have received in the 10+ years we have been customers. 


We would like our money back for the last month of (non)service, and to speak with someone who can actually help us. 


Thank you. 


Hi @zeaiter1 

Thanks for your query!

Let me have a look for you, and I will get back to you ASAP.

There is also a new ''TPG Mobile APP'' to help you with various trouble shooting and account issues, via a mobile phone app.



Hi @zeaiter1 


I have checked the notes on your NBN-HFC 25/5 service.


1st thing, i understand a new modem was sent to you at some point?

Which modem are you using at the moment? Written on the modem sticker somewhere is a MAC number. Can you post on here what MAC address that is??


Keep in mind, you cant just swap modems in/out/over.

We need to keep systems updated to the correct MAC numbers so voice services work. If a different modem is used not matching our systems, your telephone wont work.


I can see your modem up and in sync.

Also, there is still an NBN service restoration ticket open on your account, due for completion at end of this day.




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Hi David_M


We are using the new modem that you sent us. MAC address is 1C-3B-F3-60-F5-7F.


The telephone does work. It just isn't consistent, and we will be disconnected very frequently, and this seems to conincide with when our internet grinds to a halt. 


Yeah everyone who has attempted to help us has said that, but our experience on this end is very different. Download speeds vary, and during the day our upload speed rarely goes above 0.5 Mbps. This is even the case via an ethernet connection with WiFi disabled. Heck, sometimes we can't even run a speedtest. 





Just now according to my router my internet status is disconnected, and then I refreshed and it said connected. It all seems very unstable. 


And yeah, I spoke to the technician and he said he would update you. The line is fine. It's either TPG or it's us, and I don't know how phone call disconnects could be our fault. Does anyone there know?


Edit 5.50 PM: Tried to play an online game and my ping went to 1000 with no disconnect. This never used to happen, but now it can happen several times in an hour, and at any time of day. Obviously video calls are nigh impossible, making it very difficult to work from home at times. 


Edit 6.50 PM: Tried to run a speedtest. It failed. See attachment. Didn't have any indication that my internet was down other than no response from anything - at least on ADSL I'd get some notification.