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After NBN Outage NO HOME Internet Connection

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Hello there,


Given the current situation, I am home bound and my job requires me to be on the computer constantly. But there was an outage in my area between 29-Mar and 31-Mar. I got a message from NBN that it was fixed on 31-Mar, but all day yesterday there was no internet at all. I have verified NBN outage website, but see that it's good from their end. I have turned off the modem a few times, left it turned off for a few secs and turned back on - no avail. Given the outage for 3 days I have bumped my phone data. I urgently need help if I have to continue to work today. 



Sometimes 4, sometimes 5 or 6 lights flash on the modem - v inconsistent.


Thanks, KS

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@kavya ... try turning your modem off.. and wait at least 5min (allowing the circuit to de-energise completely) ... then turn on.
NBN modems take a lot longer to boot and get a solid signal.

Good luck.

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I did that, that doesn't seem to have fixed the problem. No internet yet. What do you want me to try next?

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Understand there is no phone support, but I see this message anytime I send a chat message during TPG support hours - "Our team members are currently serving other customers. We appreciate your patience. Please try again later." I don't seem to get a response after this, and there is no indication whether I just wait there or should I try another time? 

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Sadly... if there is no DSL signal from the exchange (or local node)... no amount of power-cycling the modem will fix it :-(
This is an NBN issue... but unfortunately. .. you have to go thru TPG to get fixed.

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Hello TPG, can you look into this for me please? 

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Absolutely rubbish chat support - would you even call it support? I am paying 110 dollars a month for nothing. No response. Waiting for 4 days for Internet and staying home, can't work. Phone support guides me to chat support that doesn't provide a solution, no emails. Can only look upwards and wait for God too show me the way.

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It's called out to be an NBN issue by your technician. What do I do next to fix this as I again need to go through you to have it fixed ? If not refund my payment for the month.