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Hi there,


I moved house recently and wanted to have NBN installed and start a plan with TPG. However, the work required to install the NBN is far more than I can afford due to the unusual location of my building from the maintance room.


I have spoken to NBN and they have cancelled the workorder, and now I would like to arrange to cancel my account with TPG and arrange for a refund of the $200 I initially paid for the TPG plan that I was never able to use. The modem is still wrapped in the box it came in and am happy to post this back.


I have tried calling four times this afternoon but I either speak to soneone who passes me onto someone else, or a get standard voice recording telling my about COVID-19 and then hanging up on me.


Please action this as soon as possible as I need to get my money back to arrange for an alternative internet plan.


Thanks and regards,