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Cancel my ADSL2+ service

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Hey TPG,


One of your CSR's called and threatened me, then when I called her out on her she behaived condescendingly towards me for not waiving my rights. I'm a renter, I can't upgrade to NBN without my Landlords go ahead as drilling would be required on my property (I know this as my Landlord and I had already discussed it.) However this didn't matter to your CSR who wanted me to sign on for an 18 month contract and lose internet for up to two weeks.


I have tried to contact your 'Account Cancellation Specialist' team 10 times over the passed week to have my ADSL2 service cancelled, your consistent abyssmal service is astounding and I geniunely have no idea how your company manages to stay in business. I'm sure there are logs of all the chats I've had with your various team members who have done nothing.


My direct debits have been cancelled, I will not be paying to renew the service in April. Please provide me an email address to send my account infromation through so you can finalize the process on your end, this is the last time I will attempt to contact you.