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Cancel my TPG NBN today, 15/04/83. I am not on a contract and I will escalate with ACCC.

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I have attempted to contact TPG both on phone, and chat, and email with no success. Yesterday I waited for my call to be answered for over 5 hours while listening to the automated message!! I have also sent numerous emails and tried the chat which is ALWAYS busy. 

Ever since the NBN was installed two months ago, my internet has not worked!! So I have been paying for a service that doesn't even work. THis along with the appauling customer service is the reason for my cancellation. 

I am not in a contract with TPG (thank god) and I will be escalting with the ACCC Telecommunicatons Ombudsman. See this as yet another notification from me that I am cancelling my NBN with TPG.

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You can private message to me your  service address   so i can send request to our team for you.