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Cancellation of contract for nbn

Level 2

I've been trying to get my nbn connected for over a month now.

Equipment arrived and self-install failed.

nbn Tech visited and said it was a TPG issue.

I've been trying to contact TPG since (one chat but I did not manage to speak with anyone in over 2 hours and 3 web mails that I've had no response from).

I finally got through to someone this morning they said they'd check my installation status and never came back (40 mins and no response).  Now chat is complete full again.  I'm certain that they will not contact me based on the clear evidence that they did not fulfil my enquiry.

I'm doing what I can to get connected, by TPG is unable to service my enquiries and I cannot get in contact with them. 

I don't see TPG doing anything proactively to fulfil their end of the contract.

I cannot even talk to TPG about this as they're effectively uncontactable.  TPG appear to have no complaints department... so raising an issue with TIO now.  Pretty poor for a company to use the obudsman as their complaints department.

Up until this episode I've been quite a supporter of TPG but this has really ruined them for me.