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Cancelling my NBN service

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I need to cancel my NBN service. Multiple calls have resulted in long hold periods and disconnections. The online form (which I had to get off a blog) autofills with incorrect information and does not allow me to edit it. There is no infomation on your website on how to cancel this service or who to email.


I'm trying to give 30 days notice, and yet your systems are not allowing me to do so. I have emailed customer service to no response - not even a confirmation that they received my email.


Please advise on how I can cancel my service.


Looking to terminate account no: xxxxxx on the 08/05/19







Hi @karinzigner


Welcome to the Community!


We regret to hear that you're canceling your service with us. Looking at our records, it seems like you've already discussed this over the phone yesterday and that you have been provided the information on how to go about your request.


I can see that you have already sent an email. Please wait for our Escalations Team's response. Updates pertaining to your request will be provided to you directly.


If you need our help on another concern, just leave us a message.